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  • An inside look at dentistry from Daniel P. Guidera.


    • Home Grown Tomatoes
      Aug 23

      Grow Your Fruit and Eat It Too

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Other Adventures

      This has turned out to be a particularly good midyear. I have contemplated at times what it means to be rich. One element certainly is being able to pick your own tree or vine-ripened produce. […]

    • X-Ray with Decay
      Aug 09


      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Cosmetic, Dentistry

      What is a cavity? This is a common question in a dental office. In retrospect, this should have been the topic of my first post. Earlier this week a gentleman came in with a cavity […]

    • Daniel P. Guidera
      Aug 02

      Dental Marketing

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      Excuse me if I come off as cynical and crass. I will try my hardest to fight the tendency during this installment. However, any discussion regarding marketing in general and in this case dentistry immediately […]

    • Severely Cracked, Hopeless Tooth
      Jul 26

      Cracked Teeth?

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Cracked Teeth, Dentistry

      I make my living from the advent of peoples misfortune as do auto-mechanics, veterinarians, clergymen, and plumbers. I wish it was not this way, but that’s just how it is. A common question then is […]

    • After Composite Fillings
      Jun 23

      My First Post!

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Cosmetic, Dentistry

      This weeks case shows how fairly simple procedures can make a dramatic difference in a persons appearance. These fillings, according to our patient, were done decades ago. My experience tells me that this is the […]

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