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    • Stars
      Jul 18

      Thinking Straight I

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      Between undergraduate, dental school, residency, and work I spent 10 years at UCLA.  The most important thing I learned was in the first few months. I took an Astronomy survey course (a course for non-majors) […]

    • Special Whitening Offer
      May 31

      Who Loves Ya?

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: In the News

      I saw it again today while my car was at the carwash.  I went for a walk and passed by a dental office in a busy shopping center. A huge sign in the window advertised […]

    • CAD-CAM Technology
      Mar 04

      How CAD-CAM Technology Has Renewed My Passion for Dentistry

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: In the News

      In the mid 1980s I used to visit the international headquarters of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Huntington Beach once a month to do dentistry for missionaries who were home on furlough. Sometimes my visit would […]

    • Dan/Dogs
      Aug 08

      The American Sportsman

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Other Adventures

      I wasn’t going to blog about this but my office administrator told me that if people only wanted to hear about dentistry they could go to the American Dental Associations website. I went to North […]

    • Apple
      Aug 02

      Healthy Gums Healthy Body

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      I attended a lecture recently given by Dr. James Grisdale, a periodontist from British  Columbia. It was a good lecture with a balance of practical clinical information combined with good science and no ego. One […]

    • Daniel P. Guidera
      Jul 06

      I’m Thankful For…..

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      I was asked by one of my patients who teaches high school to talk to her students about a career in Dentistry. I spoke to three separate classes for an hour each. Surprisingly, I really […]

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