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    • Oral health is important!
      May 01

      Does Mouthwash Really Work?

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      Oral hygiene is critical to your overall health and there are many ways to maintain your oral health. Everyone knows they should brush and floss daily but what else can you do? One of the […]

    • Brushing your toddler's teeth
      Mar 01

      3 Steps To Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Kids

      Proper oral hygiene starts early and you can help by brushing your toddler’s teeth. As soon as your little ones get their first teeth, you should be taking gentle care of them so their mouths […]

    • Just what is your dentist doing in there?
      Jan 01

      Dentist Appointment Walkthrough: Just What Is Your Dentist Doing In There?

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      Whether you  have been going to the dentist regularly for years or you’re getting ready to have your very first appointment, you may be interested in what your dentist and hygienist are doing during your […]

    • Good oral health is important.
      Nov 01

      5 Benefits That Good Oral Health Have On Your Overall Health

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      Oral health has many benefits including a dazzling white smile and fresh breath. You dental health also has an effect on your overall health. The 5 benefits described below are just a few of these […]

    • Good brushing habits start early
      Sep 01

      Are You Teaching Your Child Bad Brushing Technique?

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Kids

      Starting to teach children good oral hygiene at a young age is important. Habits they learn young stick with them through adulthood and can mean a much healthier mouth and better overall health. Below are […]

    • Some foods can stain your teeth
      Jul 01

      5 Foods That Can Stain Your Teeth

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Cosmetic

      One of the primary purposes of our teeth is to break down foods to make them digestible. While likely delicious, there are many foods that can stain your teeth. Some of the below are easy […]

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