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    • Vegetables for Kids Lunches
      Sep 12

      Back to School: How To Pack “Teeth-Friendly” School Lunches

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Kids

      School is back in session! That means the kiddos are back in action and need to stay fueled with brain and teeth friendly foods. While it’s important to pack a healthy lunch, it’s more important […]

    • kids-dentist
      Sep 01

      How to Ease Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry, Kids

      Admittedly, a trip to the dentist can be scary. All those sharp and shiny instruments, people you don’t know, and unfamiliar smells and tastes can make for a fearful experience, especially for your little ones. […]

    • Shovels
      Jul 29

      Thinking Straight IV: Throw Them a Bone

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      At a recent dental convention I was looking at the program and noticed a lecture being given on current topics called “managed care dental insurance”. I never go to these lectures. I’ve always figured, and […]

    • Photo: Derrick Coetzee
      Jul 26

      Thinking Straight III Part Two

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      This is a short blog but I’ve been looking forward to it because I find this topic amusing.  Sometimes I’ll tell someone, in no uncertain terms, that a procedure needs to be done. Then I […]

    • Daniel P. Guidera
      Jul 24

      Thinking Straight III Part One

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      Get off the Pot In my last post I talked about values and perspective. I’m sorry if I came off as a bit arrogant. I know life deals some difficult and sometimes tragic blows. Sometimes […]

    • Photo: Rikkis Refuge
      Jul 22

      Thinking Straight II

      By Daniel Guidera    Category: Dentistry

      Values I heard a sermon when I was a young man about how our checkbook reflects our values. The speaker made a very convincing case and I believed it. After 31 years in private practice […]

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