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  • Preserve those adorable smiles & boost your kids' confidence with regular dental visits Preserve those adorable smiles & boost your kids' confidence with regular dental visits
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    Family Care

    Give your children the legacy of a healthy smile

    When it comes to oral health, it’s important to start early. Children who visit the dentist regularly are less likely to have cavities not just as children but also as adults. Preserve those adorable smiles and boost your kids’  confidence on the playground by teaching them good dental hygiene while they are young.

    Your children are in caring hands with Dr. Guidera and our staff

    Whether they’re with Dr. Guidera or one of our friendly hygienists, rest assured that your kids will be treated with the utmost care. We are very considerate of our younger patients and strive to make their early experiences at the dentist as positive as possible. We have a very serene, welcoming office, and every pint-size patient gets a toy at the end of each visit.

    Our staff is very knowledgeable, and we are more than happy to address any questions you may have surrounding your visit. We also strive to educate and empower you as a parent, so that you’re able to effectively promote your kids’ oral health at home.

    When and how often should my child see Dr. Guidera?

    In general, children should see Dr. Guidera for the first time at age three, unless there are obvious problems earlier. After that, it’s important to have dental checkups every six months. In addition to cleanings, our staff may recommend digital X-rays, fluoride treatments, or sealants for at-risk teeth.

    With proper care and regular dental visits, your kids will maintain their healthy, happy smiles well into adulthood. We have a number of patients who have grown up with us
    and who now see us as adults because they value the relationship they have with Dr. Guidera and our staff.

    Contact us today to schedule your appointment

    Our calendar fills up very quickly, so please contact us today to have your children seen as soon as possible. You can reach our front office staff at (760) 945-4189.

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