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  • We craft our own crowns using the latest technology We craft our own crowns using the latest technology
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    Cutting Edge Crowns

    Get a better fit in less time with our E4D CAD/CAM system

    If you’ve ever had a crown, you know the process can be messy, imprecise, and drawn
    out. Fortunately, modern technology is changing all that. Now, with our E4D CAD/CAM
    system, you can have the perfect look and fit in a matter of days.

    The drawbacks of traditional crowns

    Normally, dentists use a putty-like material to take an impression of your mouth. The
    impression is then sent to an outside lab, where the crown is made. Approximately two
    weeks later, you have the crown adjusted and cemented in place.

    Unfortunately, the result is often subpar. Poorly made crowns don’t feel quite right. They
    also look unrealistic and don’t last as long. Isn’t there a better way?

    Why our E4D CAD/CAM system delivers superior results

    Our E4D CAD/CAM system makes fabricating crowns simpler and more efficient.

    Here’s what the process looks like:

    1. Dr. Guidera will take a digital impression of your mouth using a safe HD laser wand. The scan will be finished in a matter of minutes.
    2. The system will send a 3D image of your mouth to Dr. Guidera’s in-office lab. From there, Dr. Guidera will tweak the image as needed to ensure a precise crown that looks and feels like your real tooth.
    3. When Dr. Guidera is finished adjusting the image, he will send the crown design to his in-office milling center. The E4D system will then mill the crown using the latest metal-free material. The perk of metal-free material is that you won’t have any unsightly base metal showing at the bottom of the crown.
    4. Four to five days after your impressions are taken, you will return to Dr. Guidera’s office to have the crown cemented in place. Dr. Guidera may have to make some additional adjustments to the crown, but they will be far fewer than with the traditional process. As a result, you’ll be in and out in less time.

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