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    Transform your smile with our cosmetic dental services

    • Are you worried that your teeth cause people to think less of you?
    • Are you afraid to smile when you meet someone or take a picture?
    • Do you have unsightly discoloration, obvious metal fillings, or broken teeth?

    If so, you’re not alone. Over one third of Americans are self-conscious about their smile. But there’s no need to feel that way. With cosmetic dentistry, you can restore your teeth—and your confidence—in a matter of months.

    With Dr. Guidera, your smile will be more radiant than ever before

    Maybe you’re simply looking to whiten your teeth, or maybe you want a major cosmetic overhaul. Either way, Dr. Guidera will listen carefully to your concerns. He’ll then provide you with several options and educate you about the pros and cons of each. You’re then free to choose the option that feels best to you.

    Dr. Guidera views dentistry as a craft—one that he has been honing for over 30 years. Dr. Guidera takes great pride in your smile, and he’s often called a perfectionist because he pays attention to the smallest details and strives to get things just right.

    We use the latest dental technology to make sure your teeth look their best. Our E4D CAD/CAM system is a state-of-the-art machine that takes digital impressions and then creates non-metal crowns and veneers in our office lab. The E4D system and its revolutionary crown material ensure a faster turnaround time and greater precision for the perfect look and fit.

    Transformation starts today

    Tired of looking less than your best? Call our front office staff today at (760) 945-4189 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Guidera. Dr. Guidera’s calendar fills up quickly, so don’t wait to get in touch!

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