Brushing your toddler's teeth

Brushing your toddler’s teeth

Proper oral hygiene starts early and you can help by brushing your toddler’s teeth.

As soon as your little ones get their first teeth, you should be taking gentle care of them so their mouths stay healthy and clean.

Before they’re old enough to do it themselves, you’ll need to brush your toddler’s teeth.

Here are 3 steps to brushing your toddler’s teeth to make it the most positive experience possible.

Make it Fun

Your kids love to do the things that are fun and enjoyable for them.

The last thing you want is for them to dread the time you’ll spend with them brushing their teeth.

You can make teeth brushing time fun for your toddler so they will want you to brush their teeth every day and then eventually brush their teeth themselves when they’re old enough.

Play your child’s favorite song or video while you brush their teeth.

You can also brush their teeth when they’re in the bathtub.

It might be a little more difficult to do, and you may get a little wet in the process, but brushing your toddler’s teeth while they’re in the bathtub will add an element of play for them.

The Right Tools

Your child’s mouth is much smaller than yours.

Smaller, soft bristled toothbrushes are available for use in little mouths to make the process more comfortable for them.

Many of these come with fun characters, shapes, or colors so your child can identify that toothbrush as theirs.

It can have their favorite cartoon character or be their favorite color- this helps make the experience more personal for them.

There are many types of toothpaste geared toward children on the market, but which is the right one for your toddler?

Many dentists recommend using fluoride-free toothpaste when your children are very young since their swallowing reflexes aren’t yet as controlled as they are in adults.

Keep in mind that many adult types of toothpaste have abrasive cleaners that will damage little teeth since they are meant for established adult teeth.

Children’s toothpaste is made from gentler ingredients to clean without damaging their teeth.

Taste is also important- you can experiment with all the options available on the market until your child finds the one that makes them want to brush their teeth.

The Right Process

Little mouths need to be cleaned a certain way to ensure they are carefully and thoroughly taken care of.

Start with a damp toothbrush and a pea sized amount of child’s toothpaste.

Using gentle, circular motions, brush each tooth, ensuring you get the ones all the way in the back really well.

Try to brush their teeth for 2 full minutes, the same as you would your own teeth, to ensure you’re getting all the surfaces of their teeth clean.

Getting your child off to a great start with oral hygiene is important and making it a positive experience from the start will help them have good oral hygiene for their entire lives.

Regular check-ups are important for good oral health- have you scheduled your child’s next visit? Contact us today!

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