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Our office recently underwent a renovation along with a technological update.

The renovation not only added reliable and functional equipment but we’ve also taken cleanliness to the next level.

Why the Upgrade?

I’ve been asked ‘Why do it?” Why would we shut down the office for two weeks and overhaul the clinical facility? Our office was working just fine. The answer was simple. It was time.”

At nearly 60 years old, I needed to decide if I was in the sunset of my career or if I should run a few more laps. As I’ve said in previous blog postings, the combinations of my 31 years of experience and modern technology makes doing dentistry more enjoyable than ever.

With that reminder, I decided to get a new pair of running shoes.

Clean lines, clean space, clean office!

Updates and Upgrades

The two weeks we were closed for the overhaul of the office were the longest I had rested my hands in 31 years of practice.

Our office was originally built fifteen years ago. In the time we’ve spent in this office, we have brought in new technology and occasionally bought new equipment as needed.

It has always been serviceable but we were ready for an update to the newest technology.  I’d like to think we’ve always kept an aesthetically clean office, but the new clinical facility bring several upgrades.

The new layout, with an additional sterilizer and ergonomic improvements, makes us even cleaner and more efficient for your dental cleanings and exams.

We’ve integrated the latest imaging software and x-ray sources to create the clearest images with the least radiation possible. Each technological advancement that makes a visit safe for you is important to us!

Clean filtration system under new sinks
Clean filtration system under new sinks!

Inside and Out

The office’s aesthetics were updated as well. New paint, carpet, chairs- all the things that make a place feel modern and updated were redone alongside the things that make us run more efficiently.

Under the new sinks and countertops, behind the new cupboards, a brand new water filtration system was installed so the water used in our office is clean and crisp.

The new computer desks make us more efficient, getting you in, out, and on with your day faster than ever.

The new office looks great and I can’t wait for you to come in and check it out! The next time you’re here, please ask for a tour, we’d love to show off the new office.

Streamlined stations make us more efficient!
Streamlined stations make us more efficient!